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Work smart. Earn more. Have fun.

Have a passion for tech and shaping the future? Join us at Omron!

Why work with Omron

Not just a desk job.

More than a desk job. At Omron, we encourage innovation, collaboration and creative thinking. We offer hands-on exposure to new technologies you won’t find anywhere else and great opportunities to learn new skills.

Lead, rather than follow.

Lead, rather than follow. Omron is a world leader in automation. For more than 89 years we’ve been developing new and innovative products. The Omron brand and logo stands for quality and reliability. We work on “what’s next?” rather than following the crowd.

Unleash your potential.

Unleash your potential. Omron has created a work culture with amazing autonomy and flexibility. We invest in your professional growth and development - the sky is the limit.

Not too small, not too big.

Large enough to deliver, smart enough to listen. Our company employs 28,000 people worldwide. Locally, we have seven locations and over one hundred employees. Our premium brand is recognised worldwide, our agility and flexibility allow for quick decisions. We listen.

Work on the cutting edge.

Work on the cutting edge. Omron technologies continue to push boundaries. We have the market’s biggest product portfolio to service a wide range of industries. Together we will make history.

Like innovation and challenges? You’ll love Omron.

Like innovation and challenges? You’ll love Omron.

Working at Omron is an enjoyable, rewarding experience that challenges you in many exciting ways. We’re empowering our employees, customers and society, to realise their fullest potential. At Omron, we’re changing the world and having fun while we do it!

Work Smart

  • Love what you do, be creative, make a real difference

  • Agile working environment with a focus on growth and innovation through technology

  • Work with a team winning by design; not by luck

Earn More

  • Competitive salary package, with benefits and rewards based on performance

  • Ongoing training and excellent career progression opportunities

  • A vibrant and fast-growing field with exciting future growth projections

Have Fun

  • A recognized Top 100 Global Innovator with a forward-thinking and collaborative team culture.

  • Collaborate on new technology solutions incorporating Robotics, Automation, IoT, Big Data and Machine Vision

  • A “flexible and fun” working culture with a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion

About Omron

We spend every minute at work finding ways to improve lives and contribute to a better society.

"Empowering people through automation."

At Omron, we empower humans and machines to work together in perfect harmony. By innovating automation technologies that make the most of people's abilities, we hope to create a future which balances the creation of abundance for society with the pursuit of individual fulfilment.

A role at Omron is your chance to help shape that future.

Our three core values

Omron places great emphasis on company culture, values and standards. We promote communication between all team members – and encourage employees to share their voice.

Innovation Driven by Social Needs

Innovation Driven by Social Needs

Look at society from a future-oriented perspective.

Never be satisfied; never settle for the status quo.

Challenging Ourselves


Use the 70:30 theory; try, fix and perfect.

Don’t wait to be told; take initiative and take action.

Respect for All

for All

Act with integrity and encourage everyone's potential. 

Believe in the capabilities of your team members; support each other work for growth.

Meet the team

John Profile

"Working at Omron has got a good feel about it - a family atmosphere. There is always someone willing to help you when you need it. I believe Omron is contributing to a better society, which I'm proud of.”

John Merrett — Business Development Manager, Safety & Robot Service

Ben Baqui profile

“The thing I love most is that Omron is a truly inclusive company. We collaborate to make a better life, safer society and cleaner environment. Our corporate motto 'At work for a better life, a better world for all' is close to my heart. I am proud to be part of Omron.”

Ben Baqui — Senior Customer Service Representative

Enisa Matezic profile

“Omron has a great, unique culture - a diverse range of individuals with all different skills and passion all working together. I honestly love working with individuals who have the same passion and want to grow together. Everyone is friendly and easy to work with.”

Enisa Matezic — HR Administrator

OM_3207_HR Landing page_Profile1-1

One of the most satisfying parts of my role is to have autonomy in ideas and innovation, creating a better, and more sustainable future. Omron is a top 100 global innovator, proven to pioneer solutions that address the future needs of society.” 

Allan Leung — State Manager NSW & ACT

Roshni Thomas profile

“It’s an honour to work for a company with real values and principles. I feel challenged in my day to day role, and excited that I’m able to make a real difference. Omron has not only provided me with professional career growth but also personal growth.”

Roshni Thomas — Sales Engineer

OM_3207_HR Landing page_Profile6

“Omron gives me the opportunity to create solutions for the factory of the future. Working with colleagues that have a positive attitude towards new challenges motivates me to continue at Omron. Omron has an impressive portfolio of industrial devices like no other company, from small relays to industrial robots. That product variety makes Omron a great place to work for Applications Engineers like me.”

Erik Torres — Engineering Team Leader


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